The expanding economic activities essentially require adequate and efficient means of transportation. Both production and distribution have their disposal, the service of transport which ranks so high in commerce and industry. There are various means of transportation including rail, road, air and water ways. Khuzestan province in matter of transportation is highly considerable. In consequence of more than 110 years history of industrial development, Khuzestan Province enjoys the resendable and adequate ways of transportation, communication and socioeconomic infrastructure.

Khuzestan province has been the major supply base for actual oil operations. The oil operations necessitated a quick recasting of the railway and communication facilities. As such a number of strategic roads and bridges were constructed by the Government; while some others were built by the NIOC. Some of the most strategic roads, included the Khorramshahr-Abadan-Bandar-e-Khomeini road, Ahvaz-Bandar-e-Mahshahr and Masjed Soleyman-Shushtar, are to facilitate the transportation to the both most vital Iranian ports, i.e., Bandar-e-Khorramshahr and Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini, and, also to increase the utilization of port capacity at Bandar-e- Imam Khomeini.

Khuzestan province is mainly served by the Iranian State Railway. The Iranian standard gauge railway system comprises the Trans-Iranian line from Bandar-e-Imam-Khomeini in Khuzestan province to Bandar-e-Turkaman in north via Tehran (Capital City) with a spurs serving Khorramshahr Ports, totally covering a distance of 13,000 kilometers all around the country. The important stations in this province are Ahvaz, Bandar-e-Khorramshahr, Andimeshk and Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini. Therefore, through a 40 KM spurs line the Zilaee region will be connected to this efficient network.

Further to all the infrastructure facilities, in the one hand Khuzestan province enjoys of two international airports i.e. Ahvaz and Abadan and on the other hand four domestic airports i.e. Masjed Soleyman, Andimeshk, Behbahan and Mahshahr airports which are capable to handle internal transportation in the region. The Zilaee region could access to the Masjed Soleyman airport by car, less than 40 min.



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