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Company Overview

The first largest holder of oil and gas reservoirs in the world, Iran has always been a reasonable source and option for investment by international oil, gas and petrochemical companies. This is mainly due to the low-risk and low-cost nature of accessing to the oil and gas as feed for Petrochemical and Chemical Industries in this part of Middle East. Iran also is the 17th largest country in the world and it has the second largest economy of Middle Eastern countries. Not only Iran shares borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia (northwest), Turkey and Iraq (west), Turkmenistan (north), Afghanistan and Pakistan (east), but also it is the most Strategic and Safest location in a volatile region. Needless to say that having direct access to Caspian Sea at the north as well as Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz at the south (through which major oil and NGL shipments pass) which have made Iran’s situation even more remarkable in comparison with the other countries in Middle East.

Considering the factors that Influence in the selection of the petrochemical plants location such as Availability of Raw Materials, Proximity to Market, Availability of Infrastructural Facilities, Attractive Government Policies, Availability of Manpower and Expertise, Zilaee Zone in the neighboring city of Masjed Soleyman in Khuzestan province, was selected as the preferred location for the mentioned purpose. The Zone is located at a distance about 34km of North-West Masjed Soleyman region, 25 km East of Shushtar region and 22km South of Lali, with a minimum distance to Karun River which is about 11.5 km away.

Accordingly, “Masjed Soleyman Bakhtiari Petrochemical Refinery Co.” (MISBP) as one of the significant subsidiaries of “MIS Holding”, came to existence. The entity is formed to get engaged in development of a wide range of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical business including Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities and industries.

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