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MIS Holding Company

“Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Co. (MIS)” subjected to the law and regulation of Islamic Republic of Iran was registered as a private joint stock company under the Companies Registration Office in Tehran with the registration No.140624 in 1998. However, the Company’s title changed to “MIS Holding” according to the new vision of its Shareholders. Activities of “MIS Holding” in accordance with its mission are as following:

Investment and participation in companies, projects, production and industrial units, services, marketing and share trading of aforementioned companies as well as leading or facilitate the operations that directly or indirectly are related to the activities of these companies or/and managing those part of properties including institutions and companies those which are in compliance with Statute of “MIS Holding” appropriately. Accordingly, “MIS Holding” has been authorized as an “Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Holding Company” since 2016, in order to implement business development actions to increase the productivity of the capital deployed in the upstream and downstream of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals business as well as Power Plants, whereupon the maximum interest for its shareholders are guaranteed by providing the high opportunities for cooperation as well as foreign investment.

The new structure of the MIS Holding’s subsidiaries consists of three Expert Project Companies and a Consultancy Company titled as per the following:

  • Parsomash Urea and Ammonia Co.
  • Masjed Soleyman Bakhtiari Petrochemical Refinery Co.(MISBP)
  • Zilaee Joonoob Power Plant Co. (ZJPP)
  • Paravar Engineering Co.

Contact Info

  • No. 380, Vahid Dastgerdi St., Nelson Mandela Blvd., Tehran, Iran
  • (+9821)28147000
  • (+9821)86086812
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