Dr. yousuf Davodi the Chief Executive Officer of Masjid Soleyman Petrochemical Company visiting to check the progress of the phase one of the project of Petrochemical Industrial Complex of Zilaie-Masjid Soleyman on Tuesday 1394/10/29, referring to success of the Islamic Republic in overcoming the difficult situations of cruel sanctions of great powers, which is gained by the strategies of the Supreme leader and intelligence and bravery of the country’s diplomacy, said: “economic advantages and capacities in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries in Iran produces great opportunities for work and investments in post-sanctions period.” He pointed out to the vast oil and gas reserves, young and educated human sources, and geopolitical position of Iran. He added: for sure many large companies in this domain as well as international investment institution are looking forward to attend this area. Dr. Davodi mentioned that obstacles such as Banking and financial clearing sanctions, embargoes of restrictions on trading Iranian goods and products, technological sanctions and travel restrictions were factors that changed Iran’s  position in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. He pointed out: “fortunately, by the running of JCPOA (Joint comprehensive plan of Action), most of these obstacles have been removed and now it is the time to compensate the deferment.

Using resistant economic principles, self-confidence, hard work, and having a strategic approach to the future of oil, gas and petrochemical industry are considered axes of success in this regard.

The CEO of Masjid Soleyman Petrochemical Industry, noting that with overcoming the sanctions on banking and commerce, transportation of goods and exports will flourish, said: “we need an extra effort to restore the lost markets and to identify the new markets, and so, stabilize the actual position of Iran in the international economy.’

Product diversity, improvement of quality of the goods, and increasing the production capacity beside proficiency in international trade are the fundamental principles of export development. In this way, the Iranian producers can use to even capture the markets of developed countries.

He expressed optimism in completion of phase one of the petrochemical complex of Masjid Soleyman that alone is capable of supplying more than a million tons of urea fertilizer to international markets. He also pointed to constructive negotiations with international investors. And expressed hope that with the efforts of employee and managers of Petrochemical Industrial Company of Masjid Soleyman, the company would have a part in increasing the country’s industrial and economic capacities and, thereby, harbinger the employment and overall development in the city of Masjid Soleyman.

In this visit that the managers and consultants of Petrochemical company accompanied Dr. Davodi, the administrator of phase one explained the executive conditions of the project. 

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